How is the feeling of electronic cigarettes ?

Question by Dogukan: How is the feeling of electronic cigarettes ?
I’m currently thinking of switching to electronic cigarettes , because it’s a lot cheaper than Marlboro (Which is extremely expensive in Turkey)
I’ve been reading about it , there are some plus sides to smoking e-cigs like no carbon monoxide , no tar , in short less toxins. (I have no idea if this is true nor do i care.)
I’m not looking for a safer alternative , i’m completely fine with getting lung cancer , so no crazy , worrisome people who are overly obsessed with health issues.

I want to know how it feels compared to Marlboro Reds , because that’s what i smoke and apparently e-cigs also have a Marlboro flavor which is awesome.
You know , you get kind of a tingling sensation in your lungs when you inhale the smoke , i just love that feeling , it relaxes me. (I don’t know what causes it honestly , i’d be good to learn what causes it , is it the heat or the tar ?)
So , i want that feeling when i smoke , i wanna know that i’m not breathing air.

Do e-cigarettes have that feeling ?
and for those who tried the marlboro flavor , how is it ? Is it close to marlboro itself ?
I smoke 20 a day , considering this how much would a cartilage last ?

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Answer by Dabid
What you are talking about is called a “throat hit”.. the tingling sensation, you only get that with high nicotine content liquids. I’ve been using e-cigs for a while now, and I’m totally OK with it, I don’t wake up with a sore mouth and throat anymore and I can breathe easier. Also the technology for e-cigarettes is improving, there are really high tech atomizers available now and they are great because of the throat hit, smoke and the many flavors available, I’ve used high nicotine Marlboro flavors, but have since stuck to high nicotine coffee flavor. The low nicotine one’s don’t have the strong throat hit, so there is no point in buying them.

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