GoVista EGO Electronic Cigarette Review – Free EGO Kit

GoVista EGO Electronic Cigarette Review - Free EGO Kit

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. wolfdynamics says

    the e-cig is free, you have to pay monthly to be a member and for them to send you flavors.

  2. wolfdynamics says

    Just got my GoVista! Love it Dan. I would have never heard about this company if it wasn’t for you!

  3. hank hill says

    hey dan they said its free but its saying i gotta pay 35 a month i wanna try it free first but its acting all weird im excited i wanna get icy menthol and cotton candy

  4. TheMSilenus says

    After your first e-cig review with this crappy little scam cig, iam realy glad you discovered the better stuff :) .I expect to see some variable voltage divices and rebuildable atomizer on your channel soon.

  5. cjonns55 says

    The coil burned out a day after I received it. They refuse to fix it. Said why would they fix something they gave away for free. Last time I checked I over paid for shitty ejuice to get a halfway decent ecig for “free” i would stear clear if govista.

  6. Jonathan Greenwood says

    Green apple is just so great in ecigs I agree. I need to get another apple flavor.

  7. Jonathan Greenwood says

    Also AC helps make much more vapor. Or when it’s humid. I have a big vivi but I think those look better.

  8. Jonathan Greenwood says

    Interesting deal but I couldn’t see paying monthly fees. I have favorite liquid from all different places and most veterans will not do this type of plan but maybe new people would like it or someone that wants to keep it simple.

  9. Seth Anderson says

    Oh and if you want an AMAZING vape you should definitely check out the Kanger protanks or the Kanger Evods, and for juice Alice in Vapeland is amazing. Best tea and bakery juices I’ve ever tried!

    And if you’re looking for a spot on Marlboro juice(without the tar and burnt taste)check out the plume room’s “M type”.

    Sorry if I sound like a sails person. Lol

    I just really love letting everyone know how amazing vaping can be. :)