Envy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Review

http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/ecig-brand-announces-free-trial-starter-kit-to-reduce-toxins-live-a-healthier-lifestyle-and-help-benefit-the-global-environment-256951.htm This is Perfect Electronic Cigarettes review of the Envy electronic cigarette starter kit. The Envy is pretty undis…

http://ECig-Forum.com Electronic Cigarette: £4.99 Starter Pack plus 5 Refills: £9.99.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Joel Jenkins says

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  2. v2cigs1 says

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  3. SilentAssasin425 says

    The starter kit is only $24.95 at envycig.com, if you buy it at a gas station its $49.95. for 50 bucks online you get a pretty big kit!

  4. ThePurpleMenace says

    I had an odd problem with the last pack of carts I bought for my Envy; the polyfill wadding inside kept getting VERY bunched up over the atomizer (like after 2-3 drags the polyfill pad, usually shaped like a rectangular pad, turned into a ball shape). This only happened with about 2 out of the 5 that came in the pack, but still had to toss the bunched up ones. I know I didn’t inhale too hard, so yeah…not sure but still a weird issue. Still love the Envy :)

  5. ShowUsYourTDs says

    i have this i get alot of smoke out of it but the battery life is pretty bad idk if its just the way im charging it or of if im doing something wrong with it but i have to charge it atleast 3 times a day and i am not a heavy smoker. The flavor is absoulte shit if you buy the cartridges that it comes with do you know if there is any other flavors you can get for it ? or how to prolong the battery life?

  6. jahmeb h says

    Hi Terry,

    You look like such a knowlegable guy. Thank you for your great, easy to understand posts! I have looked into e cigs and I now know that I want a basic, refillable, reliable e cig that looks like a cigarette that doesn’t cost $100.00. Which would you reccomend? I trust your judgement.
    Thanks so much for taking your time to help educate us.b

  7. BvCigs says

    Have you tried BV E cigs yet?
    we have disposables for $9.99 and starter kits for only $59.99
    bvcigs dot com

  8. BvCigs says

    Give BV E Cigs a try. $59.99 for a starter kit (charging pack, 2 batteries and 10 cartridges of your choice) and only $9.99 for a disposable e-cigarette (equal to 2 packs of cigarettes)

  9. Keith Gabbard says

    U had the same problem. Felt it getting hot in my pocket and realized it was turning on.

  10. will morey says

    So where does the nicotine come from in that mix? Is the only way i can get a buzz to order cartridges off the site?

  11. Andrew Bryan says

    #2, the battery life: I bought a second battery and I’m glad I did. I can charge a battery all night long, and halfway through the day the tip flashes, telling me to re-charge, and that is with both batteries. So it’s workable and the carts still cost less than trad. cigs, but don’t entirely live up to the claims.

  12. Andrew Bryan says

    1- the life of the cartidge, and 2- the battery life. I know it’s easy to smoke more than you would with a traditional cigarette with these because they never burn out like a real one. But if one cartridge is supposed to equal approx a pack of cigarettes then they’re way off the mark. I can usually get about 15 or so drags off a trad. cig, and I don’t take anywhere near that with these (taking about 5 to 6, maybe 7 breaks a day), and I’m going through carts. like mad.

  13. Andrew Bryan says

    So far this is not too bad of a buy. I am going for total replacement of the 5 or 6 cigarettes I smoke per day instea of suppliment. I know that’s not a lot, but even smoking those, as a bagpiper, hurts my breathing ability. Well I can say for sure that the regulat “tobacco” flavor doesn’t really taste alot like tobacco, at least none that I’ve ever tasted. I actually like the menthol better I think, and I don’t ever smoke menthol cigarettes. I am somewhat disappointed by two things:

  14. RVanBurren says

    Thanks for the video. Envy also offers car chargers, carrying cases and the Envy Skins for accessories as well. The skins are used to personalize the batteries.
    If it’s working while in the box then your movement is triggering the atomizer. Too much air is being pushed into it. Try using the carrying case or your pocket. If it’s still doing then definitely email their warranty department as it might be defective. They’re great about sending replacements really fast. Happy smoking!

  15. Terry Brazil says

    That is odd. I did not carry mine in the box when I used it. I would give Envy a call and ask them to replace the battery. You should not have those problems.

  16. Androff3181 says

    ya i just got one and whenever its in the box in my pocket it turns itself on and drains the batt

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  19. NoLove4BS says

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  20. Bill Proctor says

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  21. mcweezy420 says

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