Is there a age limit to buy electric cigarettes?

Question by james s: Is there a age limit to buy electric cigarettes?
Is there a age limit to buy electric cigarettes? since it does not contain tobacco, there is a stand in my mall that sells them and i haven’t had the chance to talk to them because i was in a hurry somewhere. and how does this work?

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Answer by Angela
i have never even heard of them

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  1. Crap Face says:


    But unless you’re addicted to real cigarrettes, why would you want them?

  2. What the heck is an electric cigarette?

  3. The It Factor! says:

    i don’t think so.

  4. kelsey.b says:

    what is an electric cigarette?

  5. RaineeBug says:

    i believe you still have to be 18.

  6. Sorry to ask a question within a question


    Whats an electric cigarette? and what does it do

  7. Blessings of Victory says:

    yes. the reason why cigarettes have age limits is not because of the tobacco but because of the nicotine.

  8. Mclovin says:

    Nope, no age limit. Why buy them though? People with cigarettes look gross.

  9. 13yrs
    and its to help you
    its gona taste like tabaco but it will not be REAL tababco so thats the part its trying to help you out on